GUCR 07 – Breakfast & Beyond

I struggle along this next section to get going, I'm focussed on getting to Berkhamstead where I know my crew will be waiting but of course it takes forever to come. I get a call from Lisa telling me they are there and set up, finally we find them.

Rachel is there as well to pick Steve up, I manage to completely ignore this and slip as scheduled into the support car, take my shoes off and pull my hat over my eyes for 10minutes much needed kip. I'm not sure if I really sleep, I'm aware of the light and sounds around me but it still provides a refreshing break for tired eyes. I'm awoken by a coffee and a bacon sandwich (something Steve will tell you I'd been fantasising about for the last 10miles!).

My complacency doesn't last long however as Lisa tells me I need to get moving within another 5minutes. I dry my feet & change my shoes and set off with my sandwich, leaving half my coffee. A quick photo stop and I stagger over the bridge and on my way.

I see Alicja a little ahead of me, walking, she beckons to me but I have no intention of running to catch her! Eventually I do and we have a chat, walking together for a little while. She had stomach trouble and couldn't keep anything down, I'm sure the chat was doing her good, but I felt pretty strong and wanted to make progress whilst I could, fortunately she took a toilet break so I excused myself and tried a little running.

The running went surprisingly well and I felt confident that my pace must have been 4mph or better when running. I was setting myself goals I could see to run to, be it the next lock, a bridge or a boat before taking a walking break. Where possible I was counting my paces in 50s and allowing myself only to stop running at the end of a 50 or to force myself to start running after only 50 walking paces. This way if I didn't feel recovered enough to run, or if I felt good to push on I had an immediate goal.