GUCR 07 – And can it be ?!

I knew my dad would appreciate this section, the heritage of the canal with the railway tucked alongside & crossing overhead, the bridge over the North Circular (another mental milestone for me). Finally we turned the corner to climb the steepest tallest bridge on the entire route, going up was a pain, but a doodle compared to trying to control my descent.

Here are my crew and were a couple of miles from the finish. Feeling pretty emotional by now they asked if I wanted someone to walk with me and I elected to walk with Lisa, my wife, setting off down the towpath hand in hand.

Recognising landmarks which meant the finish was getting closer, I was determined and focussed but still had to fight back tears.

The finish finally came into view, Lisa threatened me with extreme violence if I dared to run off and leave her!

Approaching the finish I just didn't know what to do with myself, I had no idea of the time but I knew it was a lot better than last year. Grinning like a sleep deprived moron and with tears streaming down my face I finally crossed the line after 37hours and 14minutes.

It was still light !