GUCR 07 – Interminable

I perched on the picnic bench and was surrounded by race crew, my crew, my parents and others asking me questions and thrusting things at me. I totally couldn't cope with this and took on the coffee. Did I need something warmer? Did I want someone to walk with me? I almost lost it at this point and said “I don't know, just tell me”. I was duly issued with another fleece and send off down the canal with my dad for company knowing less than a half marathon to go.

We strode off, chatting and I was quite pleased for the company but I felt like we were going slow. It was frustrating as I really didn't feel I could pick up the pace now but just wanted to get it over. At the checkpoint before I left I saw Jess who was crewing for Pete, I hadn't seen her for the best part of 100miles which meant Pete was closing down on me. I suggested she might like to waylay him as much as possible but mentally wiped off another place.

My crew were now keeping a close eye on me and we met every 2 or 3 miles, even that seemed an interminably long interval and each time I stopped I was mentally exhausted, still just wanting the end.