am i still here ?

and to think i’d take the admins at their word on defunt wiblogs when i signed up, seems they have too much bandwidth 🙂

does anyone remember me ?
should i start again from scratch ?

thing is i’ve been obscenely busy for quite some time with my various sporting training and without wanting to sound like an endurance sports cliche, now the race is only 10days away i find i dont have very much to do with myself.

i’ve unloaded the dishwasher, reloaded it, even hand washed the things that dont/wont go in it rather than leave them fester on the side.. i’ve recce’d the dinner which is dissappointingly straightforward apart from the lack of pesto, i even considered making some.

i know there are things i need to do to prepare, kit to check and lists to write but i’m a little afraid to face those head on in case i start thinking too much… thinking will lead to obsessing which would be bad.

i have done one race prep thing tonight which suited my perfectinist/obsessive nature very well.
i have a new bike (which is a whole seperate post or five)
it has obscenely light wheels
it has tubular tyres aka tubs (part of which makes them obscenely light) which are amazingly still hand made in germany.
first time i’ve used these in anger so it’s all a learning experience for me.
they are one peice inner tube / tyres, think of an inner tube with tread on.
i need to carry a spare or two in case of punctures but its not just a case of buying a spare (well ok you need to do that bit still) but they have to be stretched, put on the wheel, pumped up to pressure again to stretch them for 8hours, taken off, glue applied to both the tub and the wheel.. so lots of faffing.

tonight i pre glued my two spare tubs meticulously, which i have to say was remarkably therapeutic… the tub i plan to actually have on the bike is currently stretching so i get to repeat the whole process tomorrow.

strange the things you find to engage you when your mind is trying to be elsewhere.

5 thoughts on “am i still here ?

  1. Of course you are remembered; wonderful to hear from you.

    All the best for the next race…please don’t leave us hanging for another year. 🙂

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