well training is by the by the last couple of days:
friday was 45mins on the bike, 30 second sprints followed by 2mins rest, unfortunately on my cool down back into town the inevetable happened and i ended up chasing cars which left me bent over the bars outside the house trying not to be sick. fun tho.
missed the alarm this morning so woke to a text from the guy i was meant to be giving a lift to swimming with! eventually 4 laps of the lake (~800m a lap) and 30min run down the canal.

the rest of the day was spent in town people watching over lunch, sitting outside as the weather has been excellent today… and then the dreaded ikea trip where for once they actually had everything we wanted which meant i had to go home and fit the light & wardrobe doors.

ah yes hence the title of this entry, they have fantastic hinges… lovely shiny multi part linkages that rotate and move the door out at the same time.. very clever…. i wanted to keep one to play with but unfortunately they all had to go on the doors 🙁

other than that all tyres are now glued to the required wheels, and the spares are strapped under my saddle ready for a quick shake down tomorrow morning (we’re riding across to the rugby triathlon to wave at a few clubmates), which may or may not be a good idea given the ‘thundery showers’ forecast.