it’s friday and i have the day off work as this evening we’ll be trapsing down to wiltshire and then on to dorset saturday morning for the various faffing involved before an ironman event; of registration, packing transition bags, bike check & racking, race briefing and other things that will serve to make the fact of the race more real and do nothing to dispel the pre reace nerves i’ve spent all week dismissing.

so on sunday at 6am the truth will be known, or will start to reveal itself, it won’t be known until around 5pm or later depending on the nature of the truth! (speaking in riddles it seems).

but anyway my training this week has been almost entirely positive for me and just the confidence boost required.

mondays run was done in pretty much continuous torrential rain (which anyway looks a possibility for sunday) but the effort was steady, the feeling was light footed and the overall speed was surprising.

likewise tuesdays cycle was short but wet and required much gritting of teeth, hail that stung my arms even through my waterproof. but again thoroughly enjoyed.

wednesday nights swim aonly called for 45mins in which 1700m passed without complaint from my arms, reassuring given i have to swim over twice that distance on sunday.

i missed my run last night but not too worried. strangely yesterday i spent carrying a banana and a nectarine around with me to eat, i never did, but often found myself taking a good long sniff of the nectarine which was amazingly fragrant.

anyway i’ll sign off now until probably monday or tuesday.

www.ironman.com/ironmanlive is the place to be on sunday and #1436 is the number.

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  1. Wow. What a week. Especially when mine consisted of whinging and whining about a cold and staying in bed!

    Go #1436!!!

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